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Our mission is to create engaging and cost effective audiovisual assets that will boost your marketing strategy

Why explainers work so well

Explainer videos connect with your potential customers because they have a dual approach of visual storytelling and engaging audio that resonates with the audience.

Infinitely more entertaining than a talking head, a slideshow of stills or an unprofessional audio narration, explainer videos draw us in.

Turn prospects into actual buyers

Your prospects are overloaded with marketing messages every minute of every day, so a direct impact video can be a game changer.

A clear and engaging message that grabs their attention and excites them about your offer. You need a passionate team of expert storytellers and creative animators, not just a pretty video.

Direct Impact Video

We are an international team with over 15 years’ experience and a specific focus: producing the perfect audiovisual messaging for your Brand and providing a conversion tool that works every minute of the day, across all your marketing channels.

An Orchestrated Production

After making your purchase, we’ll set up your project and send you a short questionnaire where we’ll dive into your business, your audience and the message you need to convey. This allows us to build a solid foundation on which your unique explainer video can be created.

Alongside the core elements, we also focus on your unique selling proposition, the brand guidelines and the tone of voice, to ensure that your video has the biggest possible impact on each viewer’s experience. Covering every detail, we aim to the streamline the process.

Once we have an idea about what key points should be included, we will start the scripting, storyboarding, vocals and animation process. We ensure that you are involved throughout these stages and we are committed to meeting deadlines without compromising on quality. The final output is a perfect explanation that will resonate with your customers on an emotional level and inspire them to act.

Video Creation Process

Discovery Questionnaire

We will use the questionnaire to discover the key elements of your business, your target audience and the message you need to convey to guarantee the video’s success in resonating with the viewer.

Script Writing

A great explainer video is one that serves as a story and promotion at the same time. You will get a powerful pitch that you can use across all your marketing channels.


The creative geniuses behind your video brainstorm the best way to communicate your message. You will receive style frames and design boards that align your brand and your goals.


A voice-over that sounds credible and confident can help establish the audience’s trust in your brand. We provide a choice of voice-over artists which satisfy your requirements, ensuring that your message is delivered perfectly.


The secret behind a good explainer video is a balance of creativity and strategy. Creativity engages your audience. Strategy ensures that you deliver a message that resonates with your audience and moves them to action. Say hello to your brand new marketing asset.

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What our clients experience with us

Choosing Direct Impact Video is a guarantee of professionalism, quality and tastefulness. We’ve created six promotional videos with Diana and her team who always find creative ways to showcase our TV show marketing campaigns.

Ana Vicent

Head of Promotion, Mediaset

Direct Impact Video research your brand and how you want to make a difference thoroughly, and are very attentive to quality.. They keep you in the loop every step of the way. I would strongly recommend this team to anyone looking to produce explainer videos.

Christine Gallaire

MCC Executive Coach, StrateA

The results of the very first video I produced with the DIV team were outstanding. We received several calls for appointments within a day of the video going online. I will unreservedly hire them again!

Massimo Vitale

Aesthetic & Lasertherapy Physician

Explainer video examples

Cash Float

2D Animation Explainer


Premium Animation Explainer


Premium Animation Explainer


Premium Animation Explainer

Studio Works

2D Animation Explainer

Instagram Influence

2D Infographics Explainer

Video Packages

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High Quality and Affordable

You want a professional video achieving a sustainable pricing. DIV team can help you.

Transparent Pricing

Each package includes everything you need, from the script to the voiceover artist and revisions to the animations.

Video SEO Option

Our SEO Service gives you another weapon in your arsenal. The combination of paid and free traffic works exponentially.

Drive Engagement

“4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.” (Animoto)

Boost Conversions

“Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%”. (EyeView)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Just read the testimonials from our happy clients.

Answers to Your Questions

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are great graphic representations of whatever it is that makes you wonderful.
Unique animations and a compelling narrative are conversational and accessible so when a new information or solution is presented, it is palatable, thought provoking, entertaining, interesting, and easy to absorb.

Why should my company have an explainer video?

The animated aspect of our explainer videos can help your audience to better understand and visualize your core message. You don’t need to worry about complexity in design, as the primary focus is on storytelling, but with visual elements. This format makes explainer videos effective as a medium for educating their audience and effective at conveying public service announcements.

Are explainer videos a good asset for marketing campaigns?

If you are going to use your explainer video in ads, expect a 3-5x lift in click-through rate over static image campaigns.

I want to talk to someone first

Of course! Click here to book a strategy call and we will answer any questions you may have.

What about the conversion aspect of an explainer video?

The sweet thing about explainers is that they break down problems and offer solutions in story form. They show how your product or service brought great results to your customers and encouraging people to take action, helping to increase your conversion rate.

What’s the history behind explainer videos?

History of explainer videos emerged in 2007 with the birth of Twitter. Eager to introduce as many people as possible to their platform and needing a totally approachable way to do it, the creative team launched a how-to video showing people how to use their new social media platform. In 2009, Dropbox followed suit and the term “explainer” was coined. Since then countless businesses have adopted this platform to describe their brands, products and services in clear and engaging ways.

How do I get started?

Upon placing your order in our Video Packages section using the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button, you will be redirected to a page where we ask you to download our questionnaire. The information in this questionnaire is pivotal to produce your video so we ask you to complete this and email it to: to get started.

Tell us about your project

Our production team can answer your questions and create custom plans that fit your needs.
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